Your Life Throughout Halo. Everyones Story.

So this morning I woke up and as usual flipped up the laptop. Going to the usual round of sites before I start my day. Today I found myself lost in some Halo 2 gameplay. Man do I wish I could go back to being a kid again almost brings a tear to the eye I mean 2005 guys…the styles, trends, everything. Now go back further to the start Halo CE xbox was just a baby and I was just a naive kid.

Halo CE- Bought it with an Xbox for christmas. The sandplay type gameplay was so new and insanly fun. Nothing like goldeneye or perfect dark. I was hooked. I was also only 11…WOW! I was the neighborhood death dealer at this game.

Halo 2- I was in middle school, girls, get togethers at friends houses, small little stupid parties and school dances we all thought were so cool. I took off 3 days of school on the launch of Halo 2. My mother allowed it as well : ) everyone knew it was a big deal and it was. Didnt get deep into online play until later, a year before H3 released. Hell I just didnt have the means to set it up nor did I care xbl live wasnt as big as it is now with kids.

Halo 3- Highschool, at an age where I didnt really care about anything. The occasional ingestion of toxic substances…pssh ocassional -_- parties and driving my new car were great times. I was just stepping into the realm of responsibility and Halo 3 sucked my time away like a vaccum. I played the living hell out of this game. I had my 50 and played so much TS and everything on so many accounts it was great rank climbing with the group on late nights and social stomping noobs into the morning. I had met some of the coolest people I know online and still talk to them to this day.

Halo Reach- I had a job didnt play this game no more than maximum 200 games on my brothers account when he visited. It didnt grab me like the other ones before it. It wasnt bad but it wasnt what I loved and I couldnt devote the time I used to into something that I wasnt passionate about. Rank system for me had no purpose. My life wasnt Halo filled it was bills and work filled.

Halo 4- Well now im 21 and I dont know where im going in life or what I want to do. Ive been to the college scene, work scene and I still dont know where im going. What will my life be when Halo 4 launches? No idea but time sure does fly.

I’d love to hear a quick timeline of everyone else. The Nostalgia is great.