Your Kids Are Safe Here (Halo 5 Machinima)

Any feedback welcome, thanks for watching.

Always happy to see more Machinimas on here! I really like the campy style but I think probably my biggest piece of feedback is your forge set designs. While I think you did a really good job for nailing the house at the end, I think the car dealership could have been designed a little bit better but ultimately I felt it wasn’t on the same level as the design of the house which really threw me off. Even just spawning a row of Warthogs and having your characters amongst those I feel would have sold the dealership a little better but instead all I saw was a wall and then a random character in the background who I assume is another customer.

I’m also just curious from a creative standpoint around the thought process when developing this Machinima. What was the inspiration behind the film?

Very good work and be sure to post when your next one is published!