YOUR JOKING RIGHT 343!?... Good one

Theres nothing for me to say here folks, no matter of explaining is going to help. It is evident at this point the developers 343, Bungie, and even Microsoft have no faith in Halo to stand up against the Call of Duty behemoth. Therefore they are going for the cop out that Reach attempted but failed:

I give you: Call of Duty 7: Halo.

As a competitive player and supporter of MLG I have stuck through this -Yoinking!- EXCUSE of a Halo game, (insert Reach nerd rage here)

Grow up. Please. I’m glad they breathed in new life into Halo. So what if it looks like COD, sure i HATE COD but thats because i hate the gamestyle it has, however -Yoink!- zombies, Spec OPs, and other features were honestly cool!