Your job and halo; Discuss

So over the years ive worked in hospitality, catering, as a researcher, some writing, in game design, telecommunications, manufacturing, baking and finally teaching philosophy and boolean logic and every new job has brought me to places where I find mlre admiration for halo.

So heres the question. How does your job inform how you feel about halo?
Ids there something about your work that provided insight that made you observe something in halo that most other might not have noticed and if so can you please share it and teach us all something cool?

Thanks @Comedic_Hermit my b

Well if somebody ordered a Halo Infinite with cheese and they didn’t get cheese, they would be disappointed.

If you ask for a large fries and drink and got a small just like the amount of multiplayer maps and playlists Infinite started with then you would be pretty disappointed!

And on top of that, if you had to wait in a long line that took 6 years to get an incomplete order I would imagine you would be pretty much starved to death by then!!!

:hamburger: :fries: :cup_with_straw:

I love Infinite but It’s like a kids meal. Small in size and comes with a toy that is only fun to play with for so long :yawning_face:

MCC on the other hand is like an all you can eat buffet that has everything you want :drooling_face:

I know Infinite will be great. We just have to wait for the order to be completed :wink:

I’m a software developer from a small company, and all I see looking at Infinite is a terribly mismanaged project.

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Whose talking about infinite?

I can’t really say my job has impacted my opinion on Halo, but over the last few years I’ve been completing a Computer Science degree and I definitely have become more sympathetic to game devs in general.

It’s a pretty difficult job where thousands of people have high expectations, hand out a lot of hate, and the companies themselves seem to have a lot of issues. Look at what’s happening over at Activision. Plus the technical achievement of video games just overwhelms me. Realistic looking, dynamic, interactive simulations, which connect thousands of people with only a countable amount of bugs? That’s absolutely impossible! I do not understand how that happens…

That’s not to say Infinite doesn’t have any glaring design flaws. But I find games in general to be a remarkable achievement.

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Yeah Infinite is like an underperforming employee that shows up late.

The other games are like how the job should get done.

Halo 5 is like an HR problem that never gets addressed :joy:

Yes, this is why I’ve enjoyed infinite even though the content lacks.

It still runs well for what it is, my opinion.