Your JIP story.

We all know how bad JIP is in Halo 4. So I’m asking what is your BEST and WORST JIP Story

Best- I was playign CTF and actually got in a game when it started. And I actually had a good game where the majority of teammates worked like a team. We won the game flawlessy.

Worst- I was playing Dominion and joined a game on Exile. I was near C Base and wen inside and it ended…

Good: Joined a game where both teams only had 2 kills, we went on to win.

Meh: I had a game where I joined then 20 seconds later we won.

Bad: The game ended before I finished loading and we lost.

best- i joined a match where neither of the team had reached 100 points

worst- i joined a match where it ended before i could spawn.

All: I
Join a game quickly and then enjoy inserting lead into your spartan’s gut.

Best: I was playing team slayer on Haven and having a decent game for the first third of it, but my teammates were just rushing and dying nonstop. They all ended up leaving and I was down by around 15-30 while I was +3 or so K/D. I played cautious for 30 seconds or so hoping I would get some teammates and in this rare instance I actually got 3 people that joined in a timely manner. My team went on to win the game by a couple kills while playing with good teamwork.

Worst: JIP’d into a game that is 3 kills from the end of the match and we’re down by 40 kills. Also happens pretty often where I get JIP’d to join 1-2 guys who are down by 10-20 kills and are far less skilled than the other team.

Side rant: Why is there no search option to disallow being JIP’d? I get thrown into games already decided 5+ times in a row when I try and play solo its yoinkin ridiculous.

Best: I joined a CTF game where we were down by 2 caps and I got an exterm to stop the teams next cap. We went on to come back and win.

Worst: I joined a Regicide match where the king got his last kill as soon as I spawned.

I joined a game. It ended immediately, and I got the final win for a so many victories challenge.

Was awesome!

Quit a game due to terrible lag.

JIP placed me back in the same game.

Quit again.

JIP placed back into the same game.

Best: I just join in and before I spawned, my team won.

Worst: I played 4v4 on Harvest. Match started as 4v2, then it was 3v2, 2v2, 1v2… I guess JIP took a break that time.

Today was perhaps the greatest JIP game I ever took part in. CTF on Exile. Naturally, when I connected, the game was almost over. My team was down 3-0, and upon spawn, I see my entire team cowering at my base crouching and hiding. You would think that this was because they were trying to play some defense and not let the enemy score any more caps, but no. Our flag was already stolen and the other team was actually objective holding. Something I haven’t quite seen since Reach. Due to the horrifically lopsided matchmaking my team was simply trying not to die.

The fun really began when the enemy flag carrier got bored of standing in his base with our flag while the rest of his team had mine spawn trapped with 2 ghosts, a sniper and a DMR, he hopped in the passenger seat of a warthog and was driven around the map taunting my helpless players with our flag. Making passes at our base, taking potshots with his pistol while the driver honked the horn. I think he even managed to kill a couple of my guys. The entire time this was going on I found myself a nice little corner of the map to crouch in and watch all the action go down. The sort of thing you do in Grifball when your entire team quits and it’s just you and some afk player left. It was actually quite humorous watching my teammates try to take down the hog. Not a single one of them had the intelligence to try to use a plasma pistol or sticky grenades. Needless to say it was never destroyed and after about 30 seconds of sudden death, they finally decided to cap the last flag for an impressive 5-0 victory.

When I looked at the post game carnage report, it was no surprise that my team consisted of nothing more than inexperienced randoms ranging from level 9-31. While there wasn’t a single player on the other team less than 100. Now I know ranks mean next to nothing in this game, but taking in to account the game time experience a level 130 has over a level 9 player, and all the specializations and loadout options he has at his disposal, he clearly has the advantage.

Someone actually went 0-22 on my team, and yes he was moving. I thoroughly enjoyed this match and hope I have the pleasure of joining another just like it real soon.

best = going days running with a full party without ever getting JIP

worst = any of the multitude of times running with a full party and JIP makes us split up, dumbest thing ever.

Best: Joined a game of Regicide where the King was 100 points up, finished the game with 1st place and 25 kills.

Worst: Joined the same laggy game of Rumble Pro twice in a row. Dropped out both times.

Best: My team was around 20 kills up when I joined and the other team was easy to kill. We won in a landslide.

Worst: Dropped me into 3 CTF games in a row when each time, the enemy was up by 4 flags and camping with the last flag for kills, with shotguns, on Abandon (broken CTF map).

Best - JIP’ed into a Dominion match where the guy was capping my team’s last base. Save and the assassination!

Worst - JIP’d into a Dominion match and the score was 390 to 160. I was on the team with 160. And it took 2 minutes for the JIP to JIP me in.

We all had good and bad experiences with JIP it comes with it naturally.

Best: a party quit my team and then the other Yoinker lemmings followed in succession. It was just me and another dude till reinforcements came. We won.

Bad: I join a game that is 50% complete or higher.

The good far outweighs the bad IMO

WORST: People quitting in most games in Team Throwdown before the match even starts and not having JIP enabled. It should be

BEST: I guess I’ve had some games of Regicide where people would be up 50 points or so when I started, and I would still win.

WORST: This wasn’t me exactly, but I played a game and everyone quit. We went into the game and won because everyone was gone. Then, it went into black screen after the game and started adding people into the game. They didn’t even get a chance to play the game.

I avoid JiP for the most part.

Best: Join half way through a CTF game down 3 flag caps to 0 and also down 2 players 5 v 5. My team was then down 1 player when I joined and within 3 minutes we won 5 flag captures to 3. Too much beast fun in one game.

Worst: Join down 4 flag caps to 0 and only myself plus one other team member against 5 enemies. We spent some 8-9 minutes getting spawn killed with JiP players joining then quitting immediately leaving us two the whole time. Just Ugghhhh!

Good: The yesterday, JIP partway through a SWAT game…our team losing…accidentally had my sons controller…totally different settings…died 3 or 4 times before I changed things to my settings…then went on a killing frenzy…ended up 27-11 and won the match and placed first.

Worst: Infinity BTB Slayer, joined as it said Game Over…defeat…score was 1000-190. I didn’t even get to move off my spawn spot!

Funny: JIP…losing Blue Team BTB and was spawned killed twice so I quit…after about one minute I searched for another game and was actually put back into the game I quit but, on the Red team which was winning,got 9 kills in just before game ended.