Your Ideas for Forge

Forge was incredible feature when we first got to use it in Halo 3. However, since then it has been improved upon with many new features and controls. But, there are still so many areas in witch it still needs to be improved upon.

Ideas of My Own:

A way to customize or change the map textures. I always got sick of using and or having the same type of texture or environment for every map. having different textures such as sanctuary from halo 2, midship, and lockout would be cool and provide a different feel for each map. Adding on to that, a way to smooth a surface or make it appear plain. the objects in halo reach forge were very detailed looking and got confusing when you had a bunch in one spot ( the actual shape of the map wasn’t apparent )

The library of objects to use in reach still seemed too small. MORE OBJECTS AND FEATURES

there may have been a reason for this but why was there a limit on the number of one object you could have. I understand the budget.

What do you think Forge should have?

Im sure this topic is already done but I can’t find it so…

more vehicles to work with

Pelicans and elephants

Anybody else feel like these should have been obvious to include?:

Undo button
Copy and Paste feature
Paint/Change Material Option so that every single object isnt grey metal

And then there is my own personal idea:

Include some kind of way to sculpt objects or break them up into pieces.

Oh yea, and how about a basic night time special effect?