Your Halo Xbox One/Halo 5 Ideas Thread

Have an interesting idea for Halo 5, want to discuss a gameplay mechanic from your perspective,or jut read about Halo 5 ideas than this thread is the place. All talk is welcome!

My ideas for Halo 5 Multiplayer

Armor Abilities

Selectable, spawn with them, reusable, present in Infinity game modes only. AAs now require energy meaning you can not endlessly spam them. Energy cost is adjustable for custom games. Battery packs are the source of power can be picked up from fallen enemies. Armor abilities are:

Thruster Pack

Promethean Vision

Regeneration Field

Auto Sentry

Power ups

Picked up on map, are fought over like power weapons. Short duration buffs. Powerups are:


Damage Boost

Speed Boost

Jump Boost


High powered and tier armor abilities, reusable, replaces your AA, picked up on map, eats twice as much as energy as AAs. Equipment is:

Active Camo


Damage Burst (allows a player to send out energy pulse damaging enemy and teammates alike)

Medic (can revive non assassinated players at a cost of no shields for either player for 5 seconds)


No perk like systems, Halo 4 style rank up system but longer, hidden CSR, player card system but with Halo Reach style lobby screen. Custom game modes now a part of matchmaking. Invasion returns, 3 sides, toggleable ticket spawn system. Forerunners/Prometheans and Elites are playable. Both a server browser and match making system exist. 64 player cap for large scale gamemodes like Invasion. Sprint still default, evade as option as innate movement bonus. Both disabled for 4 v 4 games.


No sprint, no loudouts, no AAs, small maps, higher movement speed classic Halo for a new console. All 4v4 game types are arena games, small maps designed exclusively for Arena. Ladder system in the arena playlist and only in it.



Primary weapon, secondary, grenade, and armor abilities are selectable. Point based system, this prevents a player from spawning with game breaking combos without removing them from loud outs like plasma grenades and pistol.


Personal ordnance now limited to ammo, primary and secondary weapon, battery pack for AA, grenades, and armor abilities. Heavies style game mode exists where powers weapons, power ups, and equipment exist in PO in addition to the normal things in PO.