YOUR Halo 5 Goals

Straightforward topic. What would like to like to accomplish in Halo 5 before its successor arrives? Also, feel free to share your already accomplished goals.

Here’s my list:

  • Achilles (Accomplished) - Halo 2 BR Certification (Accomplished) - Shinobi (Accomplished) - Helljumper

My list:

  • Git Gud
    This might take a while.

Run twelve man warzone again and perfect my role in it.
Be a better teammate.

Get a better rank than Champion #90 next season.

> 2533274796457055;2:
> My list:
> - Git GudThis might take a while.

This is also my list

  • Unlock all REQs - Reach SR152 (unlikely as I have other games to play) - Try and unlock all achievements (need people to play with)
  • Hit a legit Killionaire - Get better at Slayer/ FFA - Complete all in game commendations - Trying to quit choking multi kills :3
  • Get Timmy helmet - Play with a 343 employee for a full match. - Get a Snipeltaneous - Finish all weapon commendations.

> 2533274796457055;2:
> My list:
> - Git GudThis might take a while.

Hahaha xD same!

My goal is to get as good as I was months ago. I don’t know if the game is fully to blame with it being less smooth and stuff or if I just have just gotten worse. Basicly reach onyx and be able to perfect WZ assault again.

Waitting for the day I get the Achilles helmet

Play consistently on servers with a ping under 100ms.


Git gud
Git gud in double team

Complete all reqs and commendations.

  • Have fun - meet new people and -Yoink!- them - customs (see below)
  • Obtain SR 152 - Get the Timmy helmet - Get Magnum Opus - Get better at arena
  • Achieve SR 152 - Get the Achilles helmet - Improve in Arena - Get an Unfriggenbelievable - Complete all Commendations…and of course, have tons of fun!

Halo 2 Battle Rifle Certified

Currently aiming for completing all commendations and getting to SR 152. Maybe get to Diamond 1.

  • Get better than one of my friends at sniping. - Use plasma caster and create suicide mongoose to use on enemies. - Get Helioskrill. - Bring back elites somehow.
  • Get CQB - Assassinate Unyshek - Get absolutely destroyed by Unyshek - Cry myself to sleep after my defeat