YOUR Halo 4 loadouts

Don’t pretend you haven’t thought about it: What weapons, armor mods, and armor abilities will you be using in halo 4? I’ll probably try to use the DMR as much as I can, but I think I’ll have to use the BR fairly often, just because of how the game plays. I’d also looking forward to trying the light rifle and carbine, and I love the plasma rifle, so I think I’ll love the storm rifle. The ones I’m sure I’ll use are the DMR, the Carbine, and the Storm rifle. I hope the pistola (just how I say it for the lolz) is awesome, because everyone loves awesome pistols. I think my primary armor ability will definitely be Active Camo, because I love being invisible. I may also am llikely to use the wetworks armor mod for the same reason as active camo, but what I really want is one that makes YOUR active camo not jam your radar. For my second, assuming that the wetworks mod doesn’t use this same slot, I’m interested in the mod that gives you a tracker while scoped. I like fighting at long range, so It’s a natural fit.

That’s mine, so what’s your’s? Try to not go into to mush detail, and make sure you keep it clean. This is craZboy557, signing off.

DMR - Single shot, better reticle, feels better and it suits me better. I never particularly liked the BR. And using firepower, the Light Rifle will be my secondary.

I’ll be using the Rogue specialisation as soon as I can and my armour ability will be Promethean Vision, assuming it’s still overpowered.

That’s what my loadout is for now.

Well, the way they’ve balanced the weapons means that certain weapons will be suited to more to certain maps.

The AR/Storm Rifle/Suppressor are close range, The BR/Carbine are mid-range and the DMR and I’m assuming the Light Rifle are long range.

The map Adrift, for instance, features short sight lines so the BR/Carbine would be more useful because of the RoF, over the DMR.

The Carbine will be my go to weapon, for the most part. The magnum will probably be my secondary weapon on all loadouts. I’m not sure of the tactical and support packages because I don’t know all of them but Hardlight Shield and Hologram are gonna be my favourite abilities I think…

Im going to be rocking mainly the Assault Rifle or the Storm Rifle. I’ll probably use PP as my secondary as I love that thing.

For AA’s, I imagine I’ll be using PV, HS and Thrust Pack. But I think theres still more to be revealed?

In terms of MODS? PATHFINDER baby :D!

BR, thruster pack and sword= lightning death