Your H5 Legacy!

Halo 5 is a brand new generation of halo that will bring new players that have never played halo before into the halo universe and old school halo gamers together, so I wanted to ask you guys, Are you going to try and make a name for yourself or just play casual, for me I would like to start streaming and uploading YouTube videos, and yes one day go pro, : )

Name… my name… yes…

Definitely going to start putting in some serious forge time again.

Im playing for good times and laughs with old friends and hopefully making some new ones.

I’m going to be all that I can be! …but I probably won’t stream unless my brother wants to watch me play.

I don’t see myself becoming famous off uploading Halo 5 videos.

nice bro! I cant wait to watch those streams. I know its been a long dream of mine to start streaming and just playing Halo while inspiring others to do something they love, but Idk…maybe one day; Its definitely on my bucket list to participate in HCS with a pro team. I’ve been told I’m pretty funny and entertaining so it sounds very appealing, but I enjoy watching other people streams all the time (mainly pros lol). Anyways I do consider myself a pretty good player for sure and I’m definitely a veteran at every halo game released since it is a very big part of my life. Playing halo was actually one the first (or just most memorable) memories of my childhood. I’m in college now so I always try to relax with some stream watching and I would love to support you all the way :slight_smile: Good luck! HALO 5 HYPE!

I’ll do what I always do, try and make new friends, play to win, always try to keep to the objective, and most important of all, have a good time.

I’m probably gonna stream at midnight and show off myself opening some nasty amount of REQ packs I own lol and then link up with some buddies and play Legendary Campaign while everyone gets to watch.

I usually play casually but with the new companies I think I might find a serious one to join and try harder.

I don’t think I’ll become efamous from halo nowadays, I was already on the bubble back in 2001. I like my anonymity/privacy too much and hate too many randoms to even get over 60 viewers at once now.
I’ll still stream stuff though.

You’ll see me on main stage soon enough :wink:

I’ll probably try to get into streaming this game and maybe some sniper montages or something similiar to that also

I’ll just play casually since that is how I’ve always been. I may stream now and again if I get better internet, but just playing at my own pace and the way I like is what I’m comfortable with. When I try to get all competitive that is when I start making mistakes and getting stressed and it’s a downhill slope. Hopefully I can make some great new friends with Halo 5 though.

Yes Halo 5 will be another big story in my long Service playing Halo…