Your forging theories and methods?

Everyone has their own theories as how they forge and bring together maps. So give us one of yours, “preferably one you think no one else uses”. Explain it so we can recreate that mindset and try it. Who knows we might find that curving our thought process when building maps could better us or give everyone a more understanding of how you forge.

How I think when I forge.

When designing I have one self rule, “does this feel natural as I play”. When designing a map, I want players to feel like everything belongs, the angles of motion, the lines of site the weapons placement. Right before I finish the initial structure of my map, I get a feel for how I want that weapon to travel, what areas I want it to work well in and what areas I want it to hinder the player.

Good weapon movement and good natural flow can make it or break it.

Thinking ahead of time on how and what kind of encounters in an area determines the need for cover. Before I build a structure I try and simulate as many encounters in that area as possible. What happens if sniper meets shotgun here, what if GL meets rocket launcher here, how will a dmr fight turn out here? Tuning areas of a map to those specific feelings of those encounters can be a wonderful improvement, but it’s easy to over correct if your not careful.

Short version is, Simulate before you build it, look at it as a part then as a whole. If parts don’t fit, the machine will not work. (Machine being your map). Simulate transition, weapon encounters, escape encounters, sneaking everything necessary to perfecting the parts. Perfect parts means a perfect machine.

Then you test, and it’s a whole notha’ story, and what works for some doesn’t mean it works for all. You may have another method, perhaps better, or worse. I’m eager to try it anyways, to try and understand the minds behind the maps.

I always try to incorporate forge world’s natural geometry into any map I am building. I try to make whatever I place down look like it belongs there i.e. I try not to have trees or rocks poking through bases or metal structures.

I’ve been playing Halo for about 8 years now, so I try to take older maps I enjoyed into consideration when I build. I remember what I liked and disliked about old Halo maps, and I hodge-podge and incorporate those gameplay elements accordingly. In my mind symmetrical maps are easier to forge and more fun to play on, since niether team is given an advantage from the start.

I build big team maps primarily, and I’ve found I do a lot of warthog driving while I forge. I figure a map must be easy to navagate in a hog, but also diverse enough to allow a driver to evade and take cover from intense combat.