"Your fireteam has changed"

I’ve been grinding out infection for the last day and a half and out of nowhere I get an error in between a round rotation. “Your fireteam has changed, taking you back to the main menu”, to which I get taken out of the game. Now this would be just a normal nuisance if I didn’t get banned when it happened. But I figured this would just be a one time thing, so I just dealt with the 40 minute ban. After its up, I go to play with a friend again. One round goes by in the first game I play, disconnected AGAIN. This time, an hour long ban, for “quitting games”. I have no control over this and do not feel like waiting hours at a time since you’re “Reach packs” are limited time to get and expensive as all hell, which is a whole other deal. Either fix this bug, or fix your banning system, or both, I don’t care. Just quit banning me for no reason.

I got the same thing. Servers were being stupid today and yesterday. I, too, got banned yesterday for getting disconnected from a match of Infection; it’s entirely ridiculous, but 343 Industries can’t exactly distinguish between a legitimate disconnect and a purposeful disconnect, unfortunately.