Your Favourite Spartan Helmet?

What’s everybody’s favourite helmet across the entire Halo series. A simple question, with no simple answer.

Personally I’d go with Halo 5’s War Master. It’s not too large or unusually shaped and the skull-esque visor gives the helmet an incredibly fierce, menacing look. Also, if you were around in the Reach days then you’d know exactly which helmet it pays homage to.

The much-coveted rarely seen “Haunted Pilot Helmet”.

Recon or Scout. Both have a really simplistic and sleek design that I like a lot.

Halo 3 Recon. It looked really cool, and only a select few had it.

Deadeye and Recon GEN1 are my picks.

Wetwork forever.

Oceanic helmet! It’s not like I was thinking of being the first Spartan to swim or anything … (puts away floaters.)

That’s a hard one as I love the helmets from Reach, but really either EOD, Recon UA/HUL3, Mark V, Mark VI, Scout (Reach), or EVA.

Mark IV or Reach recon.

AirAssault,Ill take that!

Mark IV all the way

If I have to pick one, I’d say scout.

Mark V. Looks good while not being overly dramatic in design like some of the other ones we’ve seen.

Fotus Chillrose

Recon & Jun. Master Chief ones. Emile too.

Mark V from any halo game ever. (But if I had to choose, the one from Halo 4.)

Halo 3 recon
Halo reach haunted
Halo 5 achilles those are my favorite ones

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> Halo 3 recon
> Halo reach haunted
> Halo 5 achilles those are my favorite ones

Same I love these

H3’s Hyabusa for me, with HW2 Spartans Armor comin in a 2nd the Mark IV

Mark IV.

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> Fotus Chillrose