Your Favourite Music from the games you own?

Here are mine:

Halo Reach: Long Night of the Solace

Halo CE: Covenant Dance

Halo 2: Blow Me Away

Halo 3: One Final Effort

Halo 4: Revival, 117, Arrival and Nemesis


As in, Halo games we own, or just games in general?

My favorite Halo songs from the ones I own:

Halo CE- Truth And Reconciliation Suite, Rock Anthem For Saving The World
Halo 2- Halo Theme MJOLNIR/Gungir Mix
Halo Spartan Assault- Rising, Eliminate The Resistance, Legacy, Wolverines Return/Reborn

From the ones I don’t own and have listened to:

Reach: Winter Contingency, Overture
Halo 3: Finish The Fight, One Final Effort
Halo 4: 117, Belly Of The Beast, Nemesis, Revival, Mantis, Never Forget

Non-Halo games:
Assassin’s Creed: AC4 main theme, AC2 Ezio’s Family and Venice Rooftops
Splinter Cell: Conviction Main Theme

The Halo 2 Soundtrack and Halo CE opening…

Demons and Heretics from halo combat evolved.

> As in, Halo games we own, or just games in general?

The Halo games you own