Your favourite Campaign/Multiplayer memories?

What memories do you have of the Halo trilogy that you’re particularly fond of? I’ll start:

Halo CE

Campaign - Encountering the Flood for the first time in 343 Guilty Spark. When I finally saw the Human Combat Form’s and later realised that they were fallen Marines, it was a shock. Still an amazing plot twist.

Multiplayer - LAN with friends after school. Way too much fun with the insta-kill physics with Vehicles on Blood Gulch and Sidewinder. Later, playing online on Halo PC and all the mods that were released was a great experience too.

Halo 2

Campaign - Actually getting to fight on Earth, particularly New Mombassa (Metropolis). Rolling across the bridge in a Scorpion and just thinking, this? This, is awesome.

Multiplayer - Being able to play online with competitive matchmaking, all the custom games that players came up with, proximity voice chat etc. The whole experience was memorable outside of the people who used mods to cheat. Some modded custom game lobbies were fun, with modders who just let people fly Warthogs etc

Halo 3

Campaign - By far for me Johnson’s death. Caught me off guard. Johnson, the Marine who survived the Flood, Installation 04, Installation 05 and the Battle of Earth, taken out by a light bulb. Mixed feelings but I think Johnson should have survived, as a symbol of Humanity’s grit and determination. Once I found out you could ‘save’ him shortly after release, I ended up going back and taking multiple screenshots for my non-canon dream of Johnson’s survival.

Multiplayer - Playing competitive Halo 3 in Team Slayer. I had a ‘team’ finally and took the game more seriously. Despite this, I only managed level 40 and eventually Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare saw a number of people I played with move over to that franchise. Nonetheless, I continued playing Halo 3 right up until Reach.

Halo CE
Campaign - Completing campaign on Legendary for the first time. It was a couple days after it was released.
Multiplayer - The LAN party we held in the store just after the midnight launch of the Xbox and Halo CE. It was amazing.

Halo 2
Campaign - Beating the Campaign LASO during summer 2005
Multiplayer - My 16th Birthday Party was a full blown 50+ person LAN in a house we just bought. My parents let me host a huge LAN party before we moved anything into the house as my birthday gift. They paid for pizza and soda while I took care of the rest.

Halo 3
Campaign - A tie between completing Campaign, on Legendary, just over 10 hours after the midnight launch and completing the Vidmaster Annual Achievement/Challenge for the first time with three of my best friends.
Multiplayer - It’s a tie between earning my 5,000th EXP to hit 5 Star General and beating RippinHeads in a straight up 1v1 match

Campaign - Going through and completing Campaign, Legendary 4 Player Co-Op, in about 6 hours, right after the midnight launch
Multiplayer - The 8 hour Firefight Grind that lead up to a World Record 10.5 Million Points but, for whatever reason, didn’t actually record on our service record even though we were playing via Xbox Live the whole time. It was a kick in the gut but the experience was amazing.

Halo Reach
Campaign - Completing the Campaign, on Legendary, just over 10 hours after the midnight launch. Consistently, consistent.
Multiplayer - Its a tie between my entire Halo Reach Beta experience and earning the rank of Inheritor

Halo CE
Campaign - Being the only one of my buddies who could drive a Warthog. They all seemed to be drunk driving when they took the wheel…
Multiplayer - Blood Gulch sniper battles

Halo 2
Campaign - Beating it on Legendary coop with my best friend when it came out. One of our best gaming moments together.
Multiplayer - 2 buddies and myself going up against a FES at our school 3v1. He beat us EVERYTIME. we must have sucked terribly, or he’s the greatest player I ever witnessed.

Halo 3
Campaign - 4 player coop on Legendary. What a great addition to the franchise 4 player coop was. It was a blast start to finish.
Multiplayer - ALL of it. From my first match to today, I’ve enjoyed it every game. I miss how it used to be when it came out, but it’s still fun nonetheless.

I always loved just sitting with 4 player split screen with my friends playing some Halo. One time, one of my friends came over and we played Halo 3 infection with my brother and sister. My brother and sister are both infected and my friend and I are human. The game is like 15 minuets in and my friend and I are still not infected. We started betraying each other to get ammo and we would respond in as human.

Another memory is from Halo Reach, a while ago a friend made an infection mode where the zombie was invisable and only can be killed by head shots (or a crap ton of damage) I had 2 friends over and we were playing with my brother. Friend #1 is infected comes out and swings and kills friend #2 and friend #2 was not expecting that and let out a very loud scream that sounded just like a frightened little girl. We had to pause the game because we were all rolling on the floor laughing.

Then when I played splitscreen Halo 5. . . oh wait nevermind :frowning:

Halo CE,
Oh man, when I was a smaller kid I played on my aunts XBox. Just Campaign. 343 Guilty Spark? With the Flood? Yeah, that scared the crap out of me. Also, I always got lost in those levels.

Halo CE & H3 Warthog runs are by far my favourite memories. Especially going for the CE achievement in co op when both players have to finish without flipping the hog once.
Id love to see a Warthog run return, they were a blast.

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> Halo CE,
> Oh man, when I was a smaller kid I played on my aunts XBox. Just Campaign. 343 Guilty Spark? With the Flood? Yeah, that scared the crap out of me. Also, I always got lost in those levels.

Playing those levels brings back memories and some scares. With as scary as those levels were, I loved playing em