Your Favourite Armor

What is your favourite Armor on Halo?

Standard Mark VI.

Mark VI Gen1. Only complaint is the darker secondary colors

Either the Mark IV of Halo Wars or the Mark V of Halo: CE. Functionally, I’ll take the Didact’s ancilla-assisted Forerunner-floaty-magic-enabled combat skin, thank you very much.

I would need to say Achilles. After acquiring it, I found that its aesthetics were very interesting. The Helmet is much more unique than other armor. And the body set is its own description of a champion. Plus it is the only armor in the game you need to work for. Not buying req packs.

BTW, Mine Is the Raijin Armor. It looks like slick.

Recon armor forever.

Except I can’t get over the 343 Industries rendition of the Haunted Helmet (Locus) mixed with the Reaper Grim armor variant. Looks very deadly.



I earned my vidmaster and will remain a vidmaster unto death.

The halo reach gungnir helmet, wrath set, Achilles, halo 3 eod, halo reach eva and the haunted helmet

Recon - forever and always.

Jorge’s from Halo Reach hands down. I’m still wanting Halo Reach’s armor customization back though. :confused: