your favorite weapon is ?

your favorite weapon is ?

Magnum. I can outgun BR opponents more easily than before now. It’s almost like it’s a homage to the God Pistol of Halo CE

This is the first Halo game where I think I like all the weapons. Difficult decision but I’d probably say the DMR. Even though 37% of my kills are with AR, and the battle rifle is awesome, I still LOVE the feel of the DMR.

Boltshot is pretty cool too.

The Rail Gun is still boss mode if used properly, love getting a spree going with it.

The magnum

God help me, but I love the close-range stuff now; AR, SMG, shotgun. They’re all fun to use and it’s nice that they’re able to hold up against the other weapons now.

Too many that I love, tie between magnum, smg and railgun

I think this is the first time there really isn’t any useless weapons, but the Scattershot has a special place in my heart, just for it’s design. So satisfying

AR because i broke both my hands this year and it allows me to compete

BR all the way


Covenant Carbine

I like the DMR

I like the hydra, it is a bit tricky to use and if you’re going face to face with someone you’re probably going to lose. But if you snatch it and flank the enemy you can line up 2-3 kills pretty fast. The hydra works well on players who are facing a different direction than you, or unaware of your presence. In the amount of time it takes to lock onto a player they usually will have half your health down…especially in breakout.

Getting a railgun kill always feels good as well. But my aim usually sucks so I miss more often than not.

sweet, long, green motivational device… Rocket launcher, and everything else with big Boom

Laser warthog fingy. Err glausse cannon?

Gotta be either the boltshot, love the lock on mechanism and its time to kill is super quick, or the carbine since you can just spam the hell out of its magazine and get lovely headshots.

Gravity Hammer

magnum ot dmr. Dmr seems more powerful in this than 4 or reach.

The new halo 5 light rifle.