Your favorite unique weapon?

I am just wondering what everyones favorite unique weapon is out of all the halos?

What I mean by unique is guns that haven’t been in every halo game and aren’t just the regular guns (e.g. not weapons like; Br, DMR, Ar, Carbine, Pistol, Energy sword, Rocket Launcher, Shot gun, Sniper/Beam Rifle).

Please comment on why you like your unique weapon.

My favorite weapon is the sentinel beam, I just loved zapping people and it was the first real forerunner weapon.

Sorry if I have missed any out.

Edit; Sorry I have inevitably missed out a weapon, the mauler. Sorry to all the mauler fans out there.

Incineration Cannon. I feel like Chuck Norris by incinerating people with a huge explosion. :smiley:

ODST Pistol. If only I could dual wield that.

I love the ODST weapons, but out of the main games, I’d have to say Concussion Rifle/Plasma Launcher. Because who DOESN’T like big booms?

I’d say either SMG/SAW or Promethean weapons. I love both, but I went with SMG/SAW.


I would say the SMG/SAW* is my favorite unique weapon, but the ODST SMG/ODST Pistol is a very close second.

*I like the SAW more then the SMG.

Needle rifle and Focus Rifle. Loved them both.

The skull. I used to love picking up the blind skull on the Arrival level in Halo 3 and then using it as your only weapon for the rest of the level.

You know, as much as I hated Halo Reach and am glad that era is over. I will always miss the Focus Rifle if it never returns.

While the weapon was unfortunately vastly underpowered at long range, and yet somehow extremely effective mid-close, it felt like a more “Alien” Sniper equivalent than the Beam Rifle ever did.

The idea of a ‘held beam’ as a Sniper weapon set it apart from the Sniper Rifle, while the Beam Rifle (at least in Halo 2/3 and likely after it’s June 3 nerf in Halo 3), is more or less just a carbon copy clone of the Sniper Rifle, with an overheat mechanic instead of a reload. It’s really nothing to write home about.

If in future Halos the Focus Rifle made a triumphant return to the Covenant weapon sandbox, but with no unscoped aim assist, and a rework to its damage and overheat time. I think it would make an excellent Sniper equivalent.

The way I would modify it is to have the damage (especially against shields) increased to where it drains shields ‘almost’ instantly. While having it’s Armour damage pretty much the same. And then add a headshot mechanic that only works when the Shields of the enemy are drained, much like any non-power precision weapon. Thus vastly increasing the killtime. Then to keep it from being too powerful/dominant a weapon, make the weapon overheat MUCH faster. So fast that if you don’t connect with the head, you will overheat at the exact moment you kill a player if you don’t take a break from the beam (Meaning missing the target for a split second with the beam is detrimental to ultimately killing the opponent).

The shorter beam duration would also mean that the player would have to react to his own faults much faster to catch himself and not accidentally overheat the weapon, adding quite a bit more to the skill gap of actually firing, aiming, and controlling the heat of the weapon.

It also probably wouldn’t be awful if the weapon had to ‘spin up’ a little bit before the beam would actually fire. But I’d only recommend that if the weapon doesn’t feel balanced with the Sniper and Binary Rifle after those tweaks.

Sorry I forgot the mauler, oops.

I’m gonna have to choose the Needle rifle/Focus rifle. I really loved using the Needle Rifle in Reach, especially while playing as an Elite. Having a weapon other than the Needler that shoots pink was very fun to use.

The Spiker is definitely my favorite… Not necessarily as an effective weapon, but because it’s basically a big fully automatic metal club with machetes strapped to the bottom that fires giant molten spikes. Manliest Halo weapon ever.

imma chargin mai railgun shoop da whoop!

I like a lot of them, but the Railgun is awesome. My favorite Halo 4 gametype is Rock and Rail because it’s the only mode where you really get to use it. SAW and focus rifle are a close second.

Out of that list, I cast my vote to Halo 3: ODSTs M7S Silenced SMG and the M6S Silenced Magnum. Some really cool tech, they gave the ODSTs on that drop. I like the whole stealth op sense with these weapons. Really cool.

Definitely ODST Silenced SMG and Silenced Pistol. Use to make more headshots in ODST FF with that than the Magnum in Reach FF.

Brute shoot and blue sentinel beam from the gold sentinels

The rail gun. It’s difficult to use, thus making it rewarding to get a kill with.

I do have one question, why isn’t the Grenade Launcher on this list? That thing was awesome.