Your favorite opening move on any map

As the title says, what is your favorite/cheeky strategy to do immediately after the match starts on any map for any halo game?

For example, mine is between shooting the barrels to launch the sniper on lockdown/lockout and throwing grenades at the central pillars on warlord if I see the enemy going for camo, and it usually kills the camo player.

Something I used to do on The Pit is head straight for overshield. Before picking it up I would throw a grenade at my feet so I would have one extra second of invincibility while it regarched (overcharged?).

I don’t think that second of delay before the decay started ever helped me but it was fun haha.

On any map with a camo and overshield I always rush the camo so I can try to backsmack the overshield assuming my team didn’t get it

-Yoink!- if my team wrecks the other team in the first showdown.

On most maps there’s a point that most players gravitate towards once the match starts. Usually it’s where a powerup or a power weapon spawns. I like to take the side paths and ambush players as they go for these items. That way I can ambush whoever tries to take it, or provide supporting fire for my teammates if they try to take them.

Standoff meteor shower. Once you learn the right place to throw it’s great. Slow hogs go boom.

Rush for Rockets