Your favorite multi-player map on Reach?

My favorite is Highlands.

Anchor 9/Unanchored.

Anchor 9/Powerhouse

Sword Base/Countdown

it was Cliffhangar, but they decided to take that map out for some reason, though I don’t know why.

> Anchor 9/Unanchored.

Me too.

That’s actually a tough question for me. Not many people enjoyed the maps but I liked a lot of them. Here’s my list:

Anchor 9
a little Sword Base for games like FFA, Stockpile, or Headhunter

Launch Maps: Boardwalk
Noble: Anchor 9
Defiant: Condemned
Anniversary: Breakneck

Least Favorite: Spire, Sword Base, and Cowntdown.

It’s a tie between Anchor 9/Unanchored, Timberland, Breakneck, and Beaver Creek.

I forgot to mention.


Launch: Powerhouse
Noble Maps: Anchor 9
Defiant: Condemned
Anniversary: Pennace

Breakneck! But now it never pops up in Matchmaking :frowning:

Of the maps that shipped with the game that is not a Forge map, I would have to say Reflection and Zealot.

Reach specific: Highlands and Powerhouse
Remake: Headlong/Breakneck and Timberland/Ridgeline

Forge World.

> Forge World.

I’m surprised, your the first person i know who likes forge world. Everyone i know hates it b/c it constantly gets boring and also shows up frequently.


Break Point

It was so differeny yet so well done

Powerhouse :slight_smile:

The Pit, Construct, or Narrows. Oh wait Containment, Relic, or Burial Mounds. Wait no…man, Reach maps were not thought out at all like they were before in previous games. Why is it that most of Reach’s maps are from a portion of the campaign’s maps? Pretty weak and lazy if you ask me. Why not go back to the good ol’ days of actually trying to make good multi-player maps?

To me, Reach is the best Halo to date, not the most fun Ive had on Halo, but overall best to date. The only bummer, the majority of the MM maps SUCK.

Also Waterworks and Turf. Wow, the more I think about it and remember how awesome the maps WERE, the more I realize how much Reach maps LACK IMAGINATION.