Your favorite Halo 5 match?

So everyone has a favorite match where they did really well, for some, lots of them, and for some, just one or two. But I would kinda like to see the games that everybody has done, so please post your favorite(s) below!

As for me, my favorites are this, when I got this, and this.

Attack of the clones; starting a little trend with Wraith0912 and SaneMountain212, we’ve all decided to copy my specific look to “keep myself alive” as my internet prevented me from playing Xbox without crashing the whole network for a while. After I made my return, we started to run around as photo-identical clones of myself in Arena and Warzone for a while. It was hilarious. We plan to do the same in Triple Team, but only if I wear my Deadeye-Achilles to lead all of us into battle.

When I matched 343 during a playdate! :grinning:

Can’t do links you got to be a certain rank on waypoint but I got a few killionaires and its not my best but its funny:
I was playing snipers and betrayed my teammates like 2 or 3 times got no clue how I didnt get kicked though

Does it have to be Halo 5, best I’ve gotten a Perfection on Combat evolved & H4 SWAT

Hmm, probs the best match I had was getting a Rampage on the Classic playlist only getting 25 kills & 2 deaths, honestly wondering who spiked my Mountain Dew that game cause I never can go that good