Your favorite Covenant weapon

since the new covenant trailer has just been released i was wondering what is your favorite covenant weapon in halo 4

Beam Rifle, duh.


Covie Carbine.


Noobler, I’ve always loved that thing (except in halo 2 MP)

Carbine forever.

Beam Rifle looks great too, and the Concussion Rifle should be nice now that Bleedthrough is in.

Well since i haven’t used the new ones, “yet”. I going with the Gravity Hammer.

Plasma pistol. It’s hilarious to use on vehicles. Plasma pistol + sticky against vehicles is really satisfying.

I’ve loved the carbine since 2.

Beam rifle.

  1. It’s a beam rifle
  2. I have fond memory of the Sudden Death Slayer in Unreal Tournament. The laser thingy effect look a lot like it.
  3. Yep… Really weak but whatever :o)

Carbine by far

Covie Carbine and Beam Rifle look and sound awesome. Working on screen captures now. Should be up by tonight. Tomorrow at the latest.

Concussion looks sweet


In CE, it was next to the plasma pistol in versatility. It was basically my pride and joy. You could:

-multiple supercombine on living enemy
-use dead bodies as bombs
-reliably detonate dropped grenades
-powerful splash damage had an EMP effect making it useful for killing multiple enemies
-could be combined with a plasma grenade stick (slow supercombine detonation time allowed this)
-could home in from long ranges
-induce terror in everything other than Hunters, even the strongest Elites could succumb if you caught them by surprise
-stop a charging Zealot in his tracks
-send enemies launching into orbit (a la Sputnik)
-trick an enemy into evading off a bridge
-suppress enemies into cover
-home in from behind cover
-be supercombined by enemies when killed
-individual needles had stopping power on unshielded enemies
-you could avoid it by strafing with a little forward movement, enemies could avoid it
-could go faster if you were moving faster (i.e. via launch)
-be a suicidal bomber (theoretically)

The artistic potential was immense!

Then in Halo 2, the tables were turned. It was useless in my hands (especially when single wielded) while it was OP in the enemy’s. It was nearly impossible to avoid and it was so noobish. The loss of supercombining dead bodies was especially devastating. Halo 3 didn’t do much better, the instant supercombine was still intact and it was just as noobish not to mention it was unpleasant watching enemies dive from the needles just when they were about to be supercombined. Reach just -Yoink- on it (mainly making it ineffective against shields).

The plasma pistol has probably lost it’s versatility: overcharge likely doesn’t stun or really do much damage to unshielded enemies and it’s a known fact that it has nerfed homing. And that it is being balanced for MP, not to mention there’s a chance that it won’t be any different from MP in the campaign and Spartan Ops.

The other weapons don’t seem to have much noticeable changes (other than kinetic efficiency) and weren’t really memorable to me (particularly if they were introduced in Halo 2 and Reach, sometimes Halo 3) so that just leaves the Needler.

When I read that the Halo 4 Needler will be the weapon of choice on Legendary, I couldn’t help but be elated!!!

counting on 343 to deliver the best Needler ever seen in a Halo game, fun and requiring skill, precision, and creativity

Beam rifle and Carbine FTW!

Carbine and Concussion Rifle are my faves. Sword is back up weapon.

My favourite by a long shot is the Carbine. Loved it since Halo 2!

The halo CE Needler is just pure joy!

Carbine and storm rifle

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> Carbine and storm rifle

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