Your favorite Assassination(s)

Your favorite assassination(s) from Halo 4, Reach or Pre-Reach. Yes, that simple knock to the back is also counted.


Reach: The Gut Wretch-Spartan vs Spartan and Falcon Kick-Elite vs Spartan

Halo 4: Lay Down, Cerebral Assassin and Flagssination-Spartan vs Spartan
Kidney Punch-Spartan vs Elite
Crouching Tiger and Front Hand Back Hand Flood vs Spartan

What are yours. Just put them below or keep them to yourselves. :S

From reach
Simple stab, tackle
From 4
Tackle, Jump on head twist.

the one where if you rewind back and forth it in theater looks like he saying" accept it…accept it…accept it…accep-

Halo 4 - the sword assassination and flag assassination.
Halo: Reach - the sword assassination.

> the one where if you rewind back and forth it in theater looks like he saying" accept it…accept it…accept it…accep-

O . O ah, you mean the -Yoink!-.

Halo: Reach: Not sure!

Halo 4: The back-breaker and the Flagsassination (where you dig the flag into the opponent’s head and he disintegrates), love it! So brutal.

Reach . Elite’s “THIS IS SPARTA” kick, specially from the top of Spire.

4: Oddball Shoryuken

Reach, i gotta say the Gut Assassination.

> 4: Oddball Shoryuken

Oh, definitely that, lol.

Reach - the “Tear the knife across the stomach” spartan v spartan one.

4 - Hard to choose. I wanna say the spine breaker one.

Halo 4: The tackle one. No question.

Reach - Spartan jumping onto Elite’s back and stabbing him in the head

4 - Oddball from above

Sad to see so many people keeping it to themselves. :frowning:

If there was a contest of assassinations in Halo 4, I would surely have the crown. I am an assassination addict. That being said, my favorite is the one that appears very rarely for me. It’s where you just go up behind and quickly stab and run off, because it looks so cool.
In Reach, it’s the Spartan v Spartan energy sword kill, where you go down and double stab the other spartan. I also like the one where you elbow a guy, and as he turns around, you stab him, and pull out your knife just because it looks so Assassin’s Creed-esque. (my other favorite series)

I found some names for the Halo 4 assassinations and they are:
Spear Tackle
Sparta(n) Kick

For H4:

Grunt: neck snap

Jackal: the tackle then stab

Elite: the neck snap

Knight: ripping off the sword arm

Watcher: duh

Crawler: ride it then rip off the mouth pieces

Spartan: stab then kick

Reach: Spartan vs Elite Assassination, where the Spartan slides from left to right, then stabs the Elite’s face, then throws him down on the ground.
Spartan vs Elite, the tackle assassination.
Elite vs Elite, the Energy Sword assassination.
Elite vs Spartan, the “This is Sparta” assassination.
Spartan vs Spartan, the gut stab assassination.

Halo 4: Spartan vs Elite Assassination, where the Spartan punches the Elites right side, then stabs the Elite’s neck, then throws him down on the ground.
Flood vs Spartan Assassination, where the Flood hits the Spartan from right to left, then roars at the body.
Watcher Assassination.
Spartan vs Knight Assassinations, both the tackle assassination and the ripped off blade assassination.


My favorite in Reach has to be when the Elite steps on you and slices from your back through your head.

My favorite in Halo 4 is the one where he rides you like a horse and breaks your neck. I call it Woah Cowboy.

The one where I glitch into the ground.

I must make sure not to derail the conversation… Vanilla icecream!

LOL alot of the Assassinations listed i forgot existed. I fell like i need to assassinate people more in Reach.