Your favorite and least favorite Halo CE maps?

I figured since we seem to be in a bit of a CE mood around here lately, we should discuss one of the most vital things that made it such an incredible game… the maps! Your favorites, least favorites, ones you desperately want to return, etc.

My favorites were definitely Damnation, Chill Out, Prisoner, and Sidewinder. I have a soft spot for asymmetric small maps, and Sidewinder was just nuts. I nearly cried when I saw Damnation in the E3 trailer, since that was by far my most played map in the old days and it’s finally coming back (the remake in the classic playlist right now is pretty good but just doesn’t quite feel the same). Let’s hope we get to see Prisoner and Chill Out too, although it will most likely be just one at the most, unfortunately.

My least favorites were Longest and Chiron. They weren’t bad maps, but I thought Longest was too constricted and Chiron was just too convoluted (although FFA swat was pretty fun). I also thought Hang Em High was a pretty overrated map, for slayer at least, considering how powerful red base was. Considering we already have High Noon, which is an almost dead-on remake with basically the same gray aesthetic, I’m not too pleased H’EH is filling one of the six precious multiplayer slots. I will admit though that the skybox in the remake looks amazing.

What say you?

Top Three:
Blood Gulch
Danger Canyon
Battle Creek

Bottom Three:
Ice Fields
Well I don’t have a third…

Top Three:
Blood Gulch
Death Island

Bottom Three:
Chill Out
maybe Damnation, it’s a bit weird

Oddly enough though… I like the look of the new Damnation for Reach.

> …Oddly enough though… I like the look of the new Damnation for Reach.

As do I!!! Looks awesome!!! Love the Covenant color mixed in with the rock. :slight_smile:

-DAMNATION #1 favorite map of all time. (with lockout at a close second)
-dude, you really need to… CHILL OUT!
-(i dont have a third, just those 2.)

-Hang em High (needs more routes to big base, its FAR too easy to lock down, also the bridges provide no cover, and are literally basically only there for aesthetic value since they are THAT terrible to use)
-Warlock (or wizard, or w/e the heck its called in CE, the 4 base symmetrical one lol)

-Derelict (2 teleporters to lead to the top, and thats it? wat theeeeeee. map control anyone?)
-Warlock (typically you want to have a map that you cant grenade anyone from anywhere)

Favorite: Beaver Creek on xbox, and Death Island in H:PC.

Least Favorite: Blood Gulch. It’s basically just a huge shoe box with a base each at the top and bottom end. It was more or less necessary to make such a map for vehicle combat, but I still dislike it. Maybe because I dislike vehicle combat as well.

Battle Creek

Least Favorites:
Chiron TL-34
Timberland (Although if that map is Timberland from the CEA trailer I could imagine it being much better than the original.)