Your Fav. Playlist

Since the stats were released to show what playlists are played most, I thought it would be a nice idea for us to have our own poll to see what the forum users though.

Personally I like WZ Assault. It is fairly chilled out and you get to use a variety of different weapons, which appeals to me. In the Arena I prefer Team Arena as you get to play different gametypes. CTF and Strongholds appeal to me a lot.

Your opinion?

I like Warzone Assault a lot. I like all the pistol gameplay and how it can quickly escalate to scorpions and banshees. In Arena I really enjoy Breakout.

I love getting sweaty with some friends in breakout!

I like FFA to test me as to how skilled I am and where I need / how I need to improve. Even ending up 2nd or 3rd if I’ve had a good game puts a smile on my face.

Slayer for me. Get’s difficult sometimes when some decide to start lonewolfing vs 3 enemies and that doesn’t happen unfrequently.
Still the most fun though, I enjoy the competitive atmosphere. Warzone in second for being the most social experience I can get (not a fan of current BTB).

My favorite playlist in this order… FFA, BTB, and then warzone.

WZ Assault or Warzone

im an objective type person.

my favorite playlist is warzone, only for the bosses

CTF…oh wait, I meant slayer.

Would like CTF tho :slight_smile:

Team Arena… although hopefully we’ll get a Team Objective playlist once they finally make Oddball and perhaps KOTH? Slayer ruins Team Arena for me though… if I wanted to play Slayer I’d go to the Slayer playlist! And Arena Breakout isn’t great either but I suppose both Arena Breakout and the repeat of Slayer add variety and help to cover up the huge content gap.

As for other playlists, I enjoy Swat as well though I don’t play it very often. However Holiday Doubles was my favourite and why it’s not permanent yet is beyond me, it’s not like we’ve got an exhaustive choice of playlists already!

In short: Doubles would be my favourite, Team Arena/Swat are my favourite permanent playlists, I’d love to see Team Objective/Multi Team/Infection playlists.

Breakout, since smaller teams are easier to keep tabs on…

Warzone all the way for me

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> Warzone all the way for me

same here

Warzone assault and swat are my two favorite playlist.

With real Breakout removed from Team Arena and Breakout Arena replacing it, the playlist quickly became my favorite. Followed by BTB, Warzone Assault, Breakout, and then normal Warzone.