Your dream UNSC ship to add to the lore (Im back)

After like three damm years, Im back. In that time i actually haven’t been playing Halo a lot, but recently i’ve gotten back into it. Feels good to be back😂

SO! If you were to add a new ship for the UNSC Fleet, what would it be? Its type, classification, armament, shielding, equipment, and other functions and assets can all be specified to your lore-loving heart’s desires.

Keep in mind that this ship would he added BEFORE Cortana tries to “bring peace” to the galaxy with her guardians. So basically a year or two or three before Halo 5: Guardians. Now,

Let the comment games begin!!!

This isn’t a ship that can handle space, but a more ground air vehicle. I am thinking of military helicopters to be added to make Halo feel more of its military style. Imagine the Falcon from Halo Reach, but bigger to fit the scale of a pelican so it can be relied on.
Think of a dual motor military style helicopter here and combine it with Halo’s Hawk. Get rid of the blades on the first picture and replace it with the jet-like motors to make it fit the Hawk’s or the Wasp’s. Slap that gritty high quality military look like how Halo 2: Anniversary nailed it as well as a UNSC symbol, and fancy it up so it looks like it’s from 2552.
I could only dream for Halo to go back to that style, Halo Wars 2 did awesome though.