"Your connectiontothegame session was interrupted"

Ever since Reach dropped on Pc I’ve been getting this error every single match. It happens both on Xbox and PC, wired and wireless connections. Matchmaking will put me in a lobby, the map will load halfway and stop, then I get booted to the menu with the error “Your connection to the game session was interrupted”. The game has been 100% unplayable for me since 12/3/19. I submitted a ticket on 12/6 and finally received a response a month and a half later asking me if I still had the issue, no answers or suggested fixes. I’ve tried port forwarding, UPNP on and off, ipv6 on and off, wired and wireless connections. It’s still the same. I even replaced my modem and it didn’t change anything. The only thing that actually works is using a VPN on PC. Once I turn mine on it works completely fine but the connection is garbage. I have no idea where to go from here, it doesn’t seem like 343i has any interest in fixing this issue or even providing any kind of update as to why it’s not fixed.

Yup, same here, frankly kinda disgusted that the issue hasn’t even been addressed. Some sessions are better than others, but it’s not unusual for me to try to join around 30 matches and only get into maybe 5. I’ve tried a number of community suggested fixes but none of them worked. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve attempted refunding, but sadly it was denied.

It would at least give me some peace of mind if they could say “Yeah we’re aware and we’re working on it”, but the fact that it’s gone unmentioned doesn’t fill me with confidence.