Your Commendations?

I was just wondering.

Whats your completed commendations. Did you try to complete them or didn’t notice?

Was any armor, stance, visor, or emblem involed in your reason for getting it?
(Basically the same as the question above jsut more specific.)

Was it worth it? I’ll post mine once I look at them. lol. Also if you have Mk 6 jsut say campain complete.

Alright my completed commendations are:

1.Spartan Slayer- I wanted it for CIO armor. It was worth it. I
2.Hail of Death- Didn’t try and there is no reward for it. I think anyway.
3.Elite Officer Slayer- No clue I had this completed.
4.Plasma Gernade- No clue it was completed.
5.Splatter- Wanted since it gives us the Verdent visor (greene visor) and I am a Ready Up Live fan.
6.Captured- Didn’t notice but made me want to complete all of the Dominion Commendations.
7.Base Offense- Tried to comple it. Two down one to go.
8.Campain Complete.

The only commendation I actually WANT to complete is the UNSC Ordnance Mastery for the Breach Stance.

I’m at about 40% I think…I dont know, I don’t pay that much attention to them…

Aside from the UNSC loadout mastery commendation anyway. I want that protector helmet…rawr. I still have a butt-load of AR kills to get and less than 50 frag grenade kills. The main thing is that most of my AR kills get stolen as soon as I pop shields. It’s quite maddening really.

Oh well, just means I have to play the game more :smiley:

Having just completed the Dominion commendation, I can say all the hardwork paid off. Another commendation I just got is the Avenger one and I love the Blindside visor.
I would love to complete Assassin and Splatter master because I want Venator and the splatter emblem.

I finished Assassin and Splatters because I wanted to use the Venator chest and to have all the Visor Colours. I’m 20 Close Calls off that, so that’s another goal about to be completed.

I have mastered the Sword, Fuel Rod, Scattershot and I’m getting close with the Beam Rifle as progress towards Believe and Stand Off, which I’m also after.

I have mastered too many commendations to list them all out but my commendation progress is at 50%.