Your Boltshot commendation progression?

I have finally got done using that weapon, time to work on the Plasma Pistol kills.

And the reason above is the only reason why I would only use the Boltshot, just to get the commendation out of the way. It was one of the easiest commendations to complete, just time consuming. You can even win a match in Regicide with that weapon alone, that’s how powerful.

Anyways, back to the question, how much progression do you have for the Boltshot?

Mastered it long ago.

I think I’m on the last level. It’s taking longer, because I was working on the UNSC pistol first. Finally got that out of the way.

once i started using it, maxed it out extremely quick and havent used it since. its a good weapon but doesnt suit my gameplay (lol at people i see trying to use boltshot 20m away in btb)

I’ve never used it in a loadout but I’m still almost done with it. Pick it up from the ground and you can’t run out of ammo even if you try.

Do you think everyone should be trying to master it as quickly as possible in case the title update completely nuters it?