Your BIGGEST wishes for Halo Infinite:

What are your biggest wishes for Halo Infinite?
Personally, I would love to see the community falling in love again with the game like they used to do a few years ago, I’m ready to play and love this game for years and I hope that you guys think the same :point_right::point_left:

Hopefully a memorable campaign and a less cod-like multiplayer, from what I’ve seen with the multiplayer trailers I think the multiplayer will be good. Hopefully campaign will be good too.

I definitely agree with having the community come together more as a result.
As for what my wishes are, I’m already super excited with the details I’ve heard! Tutorials and weapon drills sound like a good way to get familiar with your equipment. I think that is very important in this gaming era. Games are getting more features and mechanics as our technology gets better, and sometimes the newer people hoping to dip their feet in can be overwhelmed. I think this academy mode should help with that a lot!
I’m definitely curious to see what weapons and vehicles we might have, and how they behave now. My introduction to Halo was around when Reach came out, and my friends and I loved to set up forge maps and just play and have fun together. So a new and improved forge mode with a nice map selection would be awesome. I’d love to see some of the older maps with a bit of polish as well.
Excited to explore new customization and unlocks! I’ve been playing around with my customization in MCC lately and finding new styles I like.
Grappling hook! Very excited for grappling hook!
And just in general, I’m very eager to get to be be a part of the next big Halo experience with everyone!

i am just hoping assassinations are still a thing

I’m wishing for…

  • Battle Royale Gamemode like Apex Legends
  • Halo 5 style competitive matchmaking (with armor abilities)
  • A truly casual matchmaking experience (should have a greater degree of skill randomness) [Used to be a top tier player in Halo 5, and social slayer was WAY too sweaty)
  • Custom game modes are a must! Duck hunt and zombies were always fun
  • Better spartan shield animations
  • More realistic character movement animations
  • Improved gunfire lighting animations
  • Adjust the gameplay to feel more like a future Halo 5, rather than a past feeling Halo reach

The one thing I want more than anything is a story tie-in with the Halo Wars 2 story. Would love to see the Spirit of Fire or Red Team. Another would be fight cutscenes.

Hoping for an awesome campaign experience.

i’m hoping for a fantastic story that can get around to answering some MAJOR questions the community has about the lore. is the Didact dead for good? what’s Cortana doing now? is master chief secretly a cute girl, like in that one monty oum animation? time will tell. i’d also like to see some more new weapons for multiplayer, i think the harpoon rocket launcher is a great first start, but i really wanna see more of the brutality of the banished on display via their firearms. i think a BR gamemode would also be nice, eventually.

edit: i think i’d also like to see the halo 5 air movement come back but, in a different method: have it be a pickup. you can use one charge of it ever… say, 7 seconds? to dash, or ground pound. i think that might be really cool.

I’m happy they did away with those squeaky hit marker sound effects from H5. My biggest wish is that those high frequency hit marker sounds stay gone and never return. Now I can actually appreciate the sounds of the guns :slight_smile: