Your Best & Worst Times On XBL

I want to know your best and worst times you have had on xbox live (particularly halo) but if not then just say otherwise.

When I first learnt how to double shot in halo 2, I was trying for what seemed like 2 hours but I finally nailed it. Even though after that I realised how simple it was I still felt excited that I, a level 20 in halo 2 could double shot like the big-time players.

After my best moment I became very competitive and once I even cried because I needed to win a single game to level up to 23 in double team but my brother was playing -Yoink- and I felt like he didn’t want me to level up after I had helped him get his 23. :’( I was like 12… haha oh how times have changed

The day i reached 50 for the first time in Halo 3 (not on this account).

The day my best friend stopped playing on Xboxlive.

Probably the release of Halo 3. Midnight release at GameStop which was a blast, and ended up getting me a job there, playing through campaign with friends, taking Multiplayer breaks, skipping school, loading up on Halo Mtn. Dew and chips… it was a blast.

The day my account was hacked and locked. The account I had since a week after Xbox LIVE was released. All my gamerscore, DLC, etc. all gone. MS couldn’t get it sorted out, so my account was simply locked, and I was given a 3-month code to start anew.

Looking towards the future, I think that the Halo 4 release will be my new favorite moment in XBL history. I’m now living with my girlfriend, who will be at the midnight launch with me. We’re planning on skipping our classes that day, and playing through campaign, spartan ops, and multiplayer together. it’s going to be awesome.

I don’t really know. Basically the whole of 2007-2009. They were the best days of my gaming life, I don’t think they’ll ever be beaten. Halo 3 custom games, forge and matchmaking with friends. It was amazing.

When one of my friends abandoned Halo and got into Call of Duty, though I think he regrets it and is starting to get into Halo 4, he seems to like it.

Best? Custom games when I was with a clan. Most fun I’ve had with a video game. Then of course the clan collapsed.

Worst? Having to put up with the griefing shenanigans of said clan. Just plain indecent.

•When I used to be good at Halo.[/li]
•When I take breaks from Halo. Man, I get horrible.[/li]

Best: First discovering Halo.

Worst: When me and my friends played a custom game (I don’t know for sure what they’re called on CoD) on Black Ops that took hours to finish. I love XBL, but playing for too long is hell for me.