Your Best Game

What was your best match of multiplayer that you have played? What was the final score and how well did you do?

I got a Perfection in Halo 3 FFA SWAT last year (I think). Final score was 25/0.

Infection, I was 1st all rounds and last man all rounds, I was on 3 cups of coffee and nothing to do all day.

I guess when I got the save that film achievement on Halo 3. I went 17-0 and not sure what the final score was. I just remember hiding for a bit and almost dying at the end but I got the final kill. the perfection and the achievement.

It was BtB for Halo reach on spire with the respawn on your team gametype, last man alive on the spire with the whole team wiped, 7 people spawn on me as soon as an enemy goes around the corner, we lost by about 40 points with the cap being 150, got 45 kills and the BFF medal, pretty fun match though learning to use the jetpack going up the elevator to land on top of the spire room

Not “matchmaking” multiplayer, but I think it still counts - this was YEARS ago, but Halo 2 on original Xbox at a LAN party.

We were playing BTB 8 v 8 assault on Terminal and the team that I led was just getting embarrassed. The other team went up 2-0 really quick. Like, not even close. No defensive cohesion, and we were getting spawn trapped on offense.

Except, we forgot to change the game’s settings. There was no round limit, and it was whoever got to 3 plants and explosions first.

We started crawling our way back, winning battle with the Gauss hog and getting to the rocket launcher. 2-1. The defense held on the flip side. 2-2. The defense held again to maintain the tie.

For six straight rounds we traded defensive stops until finally on offense, I was able to sneak in and hijack the Wraith, stole it and secured the plant zone with several straight multikills.

I once got a 6-kill, Killamonjaro? Whatever it’s called, I got one using a mounted turret during a big team battle back in the Halo 2 days on OG Xbox.

I still remember that as one of my fondest Halo memories a good 15+ years later.

Honestly I’m not sure. I’ve gotten a handful of perfections over the years. There have been a few warzone matches where I’ve gotten 60+ spartan kills, but I don’t remember the exact number. I think my best arena score was either 52 or 54 kills in a match of big team slayer on sand trap in Halo 3. That gauss hog was so overpowered, and my friend was the best hog driver I’ve ever seen.

My most memorable match was the time that my best friend and I won a match of ctf on beaver creek in the H5 CE throwback playlist. Our teammates quit out before the game started, so we were down 2 to 4 the entire time. We managed to sweat our hearts out and we won 3 to 0.

I once went 41-1 and nabbed an Unfigginbelievable medal in a Big Team Battle Heavies game on Spire. All of those kills were Gauss Hog Rail-gun kills and the majority of them were done while stationary. It was by far my best match of all time and I have not been able to replicate that feat since.

I think I once got 80 kills in griffball. No one was trying to score and everything was just on

I got an unfrigginbelieveable on my sisters account SMH, 43 kills, 1 death, husky raid, solstice vista. I got 2 snipeltaneous and a bunch of snipes. And i still don’t have the unfrig on my account. MAAAN