Your audio is messed up, 343i.

Your audio is off and on when it wants to work. My co-op partner and I can’t hear music on certain levels, and the voices are really quiet. Anyone else get this?

Ya me too, i didn’t hear ‘A walk in the woods’ when i was at the part it should start.
I was very dissapointed with that.

I do. The voices dont sound too bad with my tritton headset but they’re very quiet with my surround sound. The music also cuts in and out for me. My biggest gripe with the audio however is the audio popping which is really bad.

some bgms pop outs suddenly and out of sync

Sounds good to me, but the ai animations for speaking are a bit off in the new graphics.

The only problem I’ve found in the audio is that the weapon sounds are too harsh and loud. If you’re adjusting your volume based on weapon sounds expect dialog and music to be quieter than what you’re used to.