Your All Star 4 Man Spartan Fireteam

If you were to setup an All Star 4 man Spartan Fireteam, What 4 Spartans would they be, can be From Any of the games, Books, Mini series, etc. Mine would Be
John 117
Jerome 091
Buck 92458-37017-EB
Jun A266

John, the good all around fighter
Linda, the sniper
Jerome, the anti vehicle specialist
Alice, the heavy

Perfect combo for tackling the enemy!

Kelly (shotty)
Buck (shotty)
Emile (shotty)
HN Deadshot (shotty)

The Covenant better watch their corners!

Kelly (Scout, bait, raw speed)
Fred (CQC, tactical command)
Mark (the S-III, tactical elimination and marksmanship)
Olivia (Raw brutal power)

John (classified as “hyper-lethal” by ONI)
Noble 6 (the only other Spartan classified as “hyper-lethal” by ONI)
Joshua (tech specialist)
Kelly (Scout, impossibly fast)