You Write the story (Comic)

Your imagination is the limit!

I have drawn the comic, now you supply the lines! The winner can suggest the next strip idea!

The Winner will be announced on Monday 08-01-11 along with a updated version of the strip featuring the winners writing.

If you have more than 1 idea feel free to post it.

I will read all responses

Have fun!

The Comic:

Im getting a blank page via that link broseph.

awesome artwork how did you do the white

> Im getting a blank page via that link broseph.

Whoops try now.

1st Picture: Where the hell are those blues

2nd Picture: OK we go in and kill those reds and remember we have the element of stealth

3rd Picture: I think I see something over there

4th Picture: OK we go now
I’ve got a question
Why are we Clone Troopers

5th Picture: Um I don’t actually know

6th Picture: For the Sith- I mean Blue Team