You will make a lot more money by making this not such a cash grab MP

the tenrai event is a huge disappointment, and you guys straight up lied about the customization.

you were off to a really great start by making battle passes forever, but a lot of stuff around is are really big missteps

you can still fix this though, and i dont need to spell it out

halo infinite can easily be the biggest mp of the decade if you guys chill out with the cash cow stuff, it hurts the game and you wont make as much money by doing it because there will be a chunk of players who just wont play the game because of it, which is lost revenue

use ur heads please


This, exactly this… I don’t care if some stuff was available in the shop, but everything is almost available in the shop and priced at nearly a third of what the campaign is worth. The customization is pretty cool, but also surprisingly restrictive when it comes to things like colors and what coatings can be available for what, nowhere was it stated that the HCS skins were locked, people paid money expecting to be able to use elements of said skin for their looks. All of this on top of everything getting delayed is just putting a really sour taste in my mouth. My friend was finally getting excited for Halo, he died hoping this would be a return to form… at least he went peacefully in his sleep thinking that it could be. I’ll stick around to see what happens, but you’re not getting a dime from me with these egregious tactics 343

Thank you for the cool post, more people should call them out for their needless tactics.

I agree with OP but, he didn’t explain ways that could change for the better. I do believe that explaining ways to improve would be better, so here is my opinions:

Don’t make daily deals for real life money (I don’t know a single person that gets a daily paycheck)

Lower the prices on just about everything (more people would be willing to buy things if it cost less and it would seem alot less like a cash grab)

Make more things unlockable by leveling up than to buy it (it makes the game seem more like a game than a cash grab)

Have a way to level up based on skill in a match (like 1 kill is 1 exp but a double kill 4 exp and a triple is 9 etc, with also sprees increasing exp too. This will make it where better a player the more exp they get and it is independent of challenges)

Those are the best things I can think of to improve it so far.

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