You want an Active Company? Join Us

Yo what’s up!

As you read in the Title and now reading here in the post. We are a very active Spartan company that game every night and day. We keep Company as active as we can so you can have a team to play with and compete with. We do have Discord Chat app and always have free agents join to get to know members in company and form teams without any issues. We attack as a unit and take down enemy cores with communicating we all have Mics and know how to use them. You must be able to slay the enemies we don’t want free agents that cant carry their own load.

I would say about 85% play Warzone while the rest play Arena so either way you will get what you are looking for if you join our company. We keep an activity list on members and track of each members time they have put in with the company. We have already achieved Achilles Armor & making progress towards Achilles Helmet. Our focus is just winning and having a good time all other things will come as we continue to play Halo.

We are laid back group who formed a friendship and have a great core of members we joke on one another and no hard feelings it brings the fun and makes other players comfortable to game with one another.

Its you decision to join us all you have to do is apply to ----> Slayers of Sweaties

Hope to hear from you free agents