"You Wanna 1v1 Me?" Video Challenge

Hey guys! We are starting a new series called “You Wanna 1v1 Me?” for players of all skill levels and playstyles. In this series, viewers challenge either myself (brn360) or my co-channel owner/friend Peyton (pbaby99) to any game of their choice. It can be Minecraft, Call of Duty, Smash Bros, Pokemon… Whatever you want! You get to be in a video and show off your gaming skills to the world! We plan to have at least one new video in this series per week, so we need a good amount of contestants coming in. All you have to do to sign up is leave a comment on our youtube video or email us at beastlyjoystick@gmail.com. Tell us the following:

  1. Which of us you want to play (brn360 or pbaby99)
  2. The game and console you wish to play
  3. A way to contact you (Email, Skype, etc.)
  4. You must also have a mic for voice chat in-game

Please only submit an application if you are serious about playing. Don’t apply and then become AFK for months after. We want serious gamers. We need all the contestants we can get, and since we are a fairly small channel right now, your chances of getting on are pretty good. Also let your friends now about this, too. Thanks for reading everybody! More information can be found in the video below. And with that, come at me bro! -Beastlyjoystick (brn360)