You shouldn't get banned for leaving quickplay matches

How about just playing the game normally and stop worrying about the battle pass which they are going to change anyway?

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Yeah because you’re still ruining the game for other players

I hope you are wrong, but we shall see after the US holiday is over, and 343 address the outcry.

Just play the game normally, tha battle pass isn’t going away ever

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Can’t blame Infinite’s lack of playlists for the boom in AFKs that’s been growing since Halo Reach

Yeah, this is a hard no. Would being able to select whatever game mode we need be great? Absolutely. But there needs to be a leaver penalty because it screws over the teammates you leave hanging, especially when you do it in Arena. Everyone is trying to do their stupid challenges. Don’t make people suffer any more than they need to.

Sometimes i have to leave because the weapon or vehicle i need for a challenge is not on the map.

We need to have more choices in what we want to play. Slayer, ctf etc. There needs to be some type of match composer or browser. If not people will continue to quit if they dont have the gametype they need etc. I am all for having quit bans but we need to have more of a choice in what we want to play.

CoD is recycled garbage, so anytime you use CoD to defend anything, its an auto fail… sorry.

You’re so ignorant it hurts.

They need to import a report feature in this game that’s easy to use. Have it that reporting people for AFK will eventually lead them to getting a more potent ban. Maybe one that can last up to several days to possibly even a week.

AFK’s will disappear if it hits hard enough.

yeah like it did in h5, right? :wink:
banning people will never solve the problem.

343, please separate playlists like all Halo games have been