You serious?

Typically, I play Warzone (unfortunatly that is hardly worth my time), but with social foest, it’s a great way to find commendations, that is, until 2 out of the 5 on the other team spawn with rockets, two others have snipers, and the last guy has a sword, while you, spawn with a magnum, and a plasma rifle. But, that’s not what I’m here for. What I’m here to talk abiut, is I’m sick of shooting at the same guy, just to have to screen go all frame rate drop, and the guy is behind me, assassinating me. When I finally get the drop on him, and the last bullet should kill him, my screen freezes, and it kicks me out of everything (part, game, and says I’m not connected to the internet)

I’m not jumping to conclusions, but I’ve been through enough to know coincidences aren’t real. Maybe my interest is shatty, maybe it’s him, but it has to stop.

Last chance is firefight or goodbye!

yeah, its just you

Probably a you problem, however there are a few issues with the servers.

Check to see if your modem/router is overheating. If it is get a fan on it. I’m only suggesting this weird solution because I’ve had many many internet issues over the years. I’ve spent $350 on fixing my internet problems that my ISP couldn’t fix. I went through 3 of their modems before buying my own.

go to and do a quick test and tell us what your upload and download is. Run it three times or so.

That’s happen to me in arena and the worst part is when the rank is wrong for us