You never even see the new maps unless you play DLC

I bought all the new maps hoping that now when I played BTB, I’d have at least two more maps to play!
And when I played Team Slayer I’d have more maps too!

But nope. Are the new maps even in the other playlists?
I heard somebody say that you only see the newer maps in other playlists if everybody in the lobby HAPPENS to have them too. That is never the case because I’ve never played a new map in any playlist other than the DLC ones.

This needs to be fixed imo. Waste of money almost.

You guys ever play the DLC maps in playlists other than the DLC playlists?

It shows up once in a while. I’ve gotten it as an option many times. I don’t play on them, though, because I like to play them only in the DLC playlist.