You need to count my challenge progress the instant it increments, not end of match

I cannot count the number of times a server disconnect or a random crash has stolen challenge progress from me. I’m on my Weekly Ultimate to get 5 Killing Sprees in Fiesta, and I’m starting to get really fed up with random crashes and disconnects robbing me of my challenge progress. After playing several matches in which the enemy team got way luckier with their random weapons, I finally got into a match where I was hitting a groove. Got a killing spree early on and I’m feeling confident that I can get another based on the enemy team’s performance.

Then I get killed, respawn, and the game instantly crashes. Did my killing spree count? Nope.

Sure, this wouldn’t be a problem if the game was absolutely perfect and didn’t have crashes or disconnects. However, this pants-on-head stupid design doesn’t take into account things like power outages, hardware failure, or any number of things that could cause a player to disconnect through no fault of their own.

Simply put, if 343 is hell-bent on blocking my progress behind time-intensive challenges, it’s actually incredibly stupid to not increment challenge progress the moment a trigger happens instead of at the end of a match.