You might not have known this!

Hey guys,
I just discovered something today and a lot of you might not have found this in the campaign (well at least I didn’t until now; sorry if I turn out to look like an idiot).

Well, on the mission shutdown or whenever you’re using the pelican that lasky gives you, if you’re playing 2 player the second player doesn’t need to operate those weak little turrets on the sides. Instead, if you approach slightly above the cockpit it gives you the option to operate the pelican’s cannon which is essentially a beefed up tank round on top of the pelican.

It also allows for much better field of vision when someone else is flying the pelican.

Enjoy and i’m sorry if most people already knew this!

Thanks for the tip! Time to call my bro, and play this level again.

I didn’t know that. Thanks!

I discovered this with some friends. Tons of fun