You Lost Connection to the Server

Since yesterday - every single time. 4/5 games I search I get this message, the multiplayer bugs and I need to close the game by Alt+F4.

What happened since the Campaign release with the Servers?

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Multiplayer is unavailable, please try again later. Is also a message I get since the campaign launched.

This is super annoying.

Yeah was happening to me and a buddy a ton last night

There is no official statement right? Because I couldnt find any.

Not that I’ve seen, though I haven’t gone out of my way to hunt it down. I’m just assuming the already bad servers are bloated by launch influx, hoping they address it soon

Yep, can’t get a fireteam into a multiplayer. Persistently bins players, leaving one to join the game.
Launch influx? Maybe, but the servers should be up to the demand surely?
Maybe not, which utterly sucks like a sucky thing. We can’t play together and as a result we’ve put this game aside as we’re fed up with only being able to play local fireteam Custom games with bots.
Multiplayer as a solo in a random team works (mostly), but we’ve not yet had a fireteam of even two successfully join anything.

They have barely even acknowledged it. They decided the other day for some reason to do backend work on the game and now its just broken in the regard.