You know you've played too much Halo when...

You know you’ve played too much Halo when…

  • You drive a car, but wish it was a warthog
  • Forget you don’t have mobility and pass out
  • Call your girlfriend Cortana on accident while banging her
  • You start hearing Grunts talking somewhere nearby even when you’re out and about
  • You try to punch someone in the back thinking he would die
  • The Halo theme song plays in your head every time something epic happens in your life
  • When you take cover after seeing a laser pointer sight
  • Chuckling every time you see your clock say 3:43 or 1:17
  • Grabbing your shotgun every time the weather issues a flood warning
  • Someone mentions animals and you think of vehicles
  • when you jump from a high place to land below thinking that you won’t get hurt from the fall
  • Look out your window and think of supported gametypes that could be used
  • Naming your Xbox hard drive the UNSC Infinity
  • Driving to work or school fast as though the Halo ring will collapse at any moment
  • Every computer screen theme, phone theme, tablet theme and xbox dashboard theme is Halo

New ones

  • Naming your USB Cortana
  • Make sticky nades out of duct tape and throw them at people
  • Trying to see something in the distance by twitching your right thumb
  • Seeing imaginary waypoints on places you need to go
  • The multiplayer announcer narrating everything you do in your head
  • Pretend you are being encased in armor when getting ready in the morning
  • Talking to Cortana in your head when lost somewhere to comfort yourself

You can never play too much Halo, until your playtime reaches four digits.

Someone pisses you off and you try grab=squishing them like the Didact.

CE+CECE-3 when you realize it’s 3am next week.
Reach After Armor Lock becomes the most used AA in a game.
4 After a few 1 sided matches in CTF

When you miss Halo…

> When you miss Halo…

Exactly this.

When I play Reach and Halo 4 and know right away in my mind “this isn’t Halo”.

> When you miss Halo…


Also when you try armor locking while crossing the street

I pretty much did everyone of those, and sometimes I really do forget I don’t have mobility in gym and I’m like -Yoink- I must have chosen the wrong loadout.

> - Call your girlfriend Cortana on accident while banging her

This is probably the worst one. One of my good friends accidentally said the wrong name once. Somehow she didn’t hear it luckily.

I checked out this thread thinking it was going to be cheesy but I actually laughed at several.

I’ve done the clock one for sure (also whenever 9:11 pops up, sadly).

How 'bout this -

You know you’ve played too much Halo when you see a scientist and think of Sarah Palmer.

When you start assassinations on co-workers, school mates and loved ones.

Make sticky nades out of duct tape and throw them at people.

I wish you would’ve just released one of these once a day rather than all at once, would’ve been cool to make your own daily thing if you had the time.

I saw a license plate " MOA " I couldn’t help but think of those ostrich things in Reach.

I see people and think of how I can kill them with a headshot so easy when I walk by them like in swat that’s so bad sounding

I was looking at something off in the distance and my right thumb twitched. It wanted to press R3 to zoom in. Not joking, I should probably seek medical help, or play a bit less… Nah, not going to happen :slight_smile:

Ha ha ha funny I have the Halo theme song on my head all the time and sometimes see a waypoint in my head announcing my current objective.

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You know you’ve played too much Halo when you hear the multiplayer announcer voice narrating everything you do.

-when you think if you die you will respawn 4 seconds later

You know you’ve played too much Halo when dressing up you feel an imaginary armor on you

  • When you step out in front of a moving car by accident and try to Armour Lock.