You know you've been playing halo wars too much when....

fill in the blank from the halowars forums here are some classics

This is the best ive seen so far

One day you day dream during an ancient Egyptian discussion at school.

The teacher mentions something about a Scarab and you bolt upwards and scream “I GOT THIS COVERED” and run to your locker to get the 360 controller.

Then you come back to class to find everyone dead because there is a Scarab looking at you through a hole in the roof. You scream and activate the MAC gun.

In everyone elses’ point of view, they only see you burst back into class holding a controller screaming at the ceiling.

You go to a junk yard and buy about 500 pounds of scrap metal, weld them together, hook the engine from your car to the new one, paint flame decals on it and place a fake, but realistic turret on the back and ram into some trash cans to see if you can make some money

another good one

if you run into a group of people in a go-cart with cardboard molding so it looks like a ghost and painted purple and then yell at some midgets to throw plasma’s at the surviors, and yell at a old lady in a wheelchair to cleanse the vermin.

feel free to add.


you know you’ve been playing halo wars to much when in your biology class you’re discusing animals, the tutor says warthog and you shout “I got turret”

You know you’ve played Halo Wars too much when you text your friends and say that you’re doing HW, and your friends text back, ‘What are you doing to Halo Wars?’
Then you have to explain that it’s homework gasp

When adults around you start saying all units.

When you don’t have enough money to buy something at the store and you turn to the person behind you to ask for a click.