You know your sick when you dream about 343.

I have been playing a lot of halo this weekend so I got Haloz on the brain. Last night I had a dream that I attended a Halo event, and who did I happen upon but Frankie. In my dream I felt nervous as I was finally meeting the great Beamish himself. He was drinking a coffee or something and greeting event goers. I finally got up to him and introduced myself as FistOtheUnicorn. Frankie shook my hand while sipping his drink. He was wearing a Depeche Mode T shirt. :slight_smile: Then Frankie said, “So your Fist!” This is where it gets weird. I could hear his inner dialog." So this is the noob mucking about!." " He looks like everyone else who attends these things, but he smells a little better." I could tell he wanted hand sanitizer from shaking hands with everyone. My dream ended with him staring at me like I was the kid who had spilled food on his cafeteria floor. Weird dream, but funny huh? Lolz :slight_smile:

Yet again, this kind of thing is why we have an off topic thread. Please make use of it from here on out.

PS - Frankie’s not that scary. He’s rather nice.