You know what we really need? A SgtMaj Johnson A.I.!

Consider Chief as he stands now. I doubt he’d enjoy knowing there’s a facsimile of Johnson out there.

You’ve drawn up some excellent examples.

AI have so much potential, but I wish they had more combat purpose.

Hes pretty ok with the weapon after very little in the way of good reasoning to be in that “campaign”. And as said he has no issie with cortana herself effectively being his mother figure made naked and blue.

I like the idea, it could be a cool lore thing if say the sub monitors of installation 00 catalogued his essence and in the recovery of chakas by the unsc they found a johson imprint ai and used it as a model to build dumb ais for spartan 4s seeing as johnson was one of a few people work well with the 2s even when they were mysterious unproven teens.

It isnt really a ressurection of johnson more a continuation of his and the orion projects legacy and a reason to have a fan favourite voice actor reprise his role. It be neat if the core aspect of this AI was the overseeing protocol for the academy also. Imo. A fitting job for the AI to train the next wave and also a way of honoring his tactical and combat efficacy. Plus an interesting foil for 343i guilty spark and his own journey past death.

What would he be called though?
AJ, Av3ry, snipe?

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SgtMaj, the shortened version of Sergeant Major

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No, we need The Weapon.

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Cortana isn’t Halsey though. Cortana’s more of a like… Quasi-sister, to be honest. I don’t really think John cared about Cortana’s null nudity.

I like the idea of Sgt Johnson as an AI but not a fan of your lines as they feel a bit forced and ‘wordy’.

All true.
Ya guess she was a sister

Maybe when we get the Mark VI Gen-3 Armor Core.

And when we get the Mark IV Gen-1 Armor Core in a season, we should get two more A.I.s - Serina and Isabelle.


I’d love to have him as an A.I. and maybe some others from Halo Wars like Isabelle

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