You know what we really need? A SgtMaj Johnson A.I.!

Imagine having that bombastic and charismatic voice playing in your Spartan’s head while you play through matches of Halo Infinite?

Spartan : *picks up a SPNKR Rocket Launcher
Johnson : “~Oh yeah~. . . I better see some good carnage comin’ from you.”

Spartan : *gets into a Scorpion
Johnson : “Oh I know what the ladies like.”
Johnson : “Now ain’t this some H.E. spewing dee-vine intervention.”

Spartan : *initial spawns into a match of slayer
Johnson : “Folks need heros! Now go show 'em how it’s done!”
Johnson : “I used to run with the Master Chief. No pressure.”

Spartan : *performs a back smack beatdown
Johnson : “Playin’ it smart, conserve those rounds!”

Spartan: *picks up an energy sword
Johnson : “You know what they say about runnin’ with scissors? Ignore that, because these ain’t scissors Spartan!”

Spartan : *picks up a gravity hammer
Johnson : “I see you found Mr. Mohawk’s favorite toy. Now go play!”

Spartan : *picks up the Bulldog shotgun
Johnson : “Boom-boom-boom baby! Seven rounds of twelve-gauge!”

Spartan : *initiates the capture of a point
Johnson : “This is my point and I will humiliate anyone who tries to take it from me!”

Spartan : *picks up the oddball
Johnson : “Alas poor Yorick. Keep him safe and hold him close!”

Spartan : *gets into a hornet
Johnson : “Well lookit that, the corps DOES issue wings!”

Spartan : *activates active camouflage module
Johnson : “Where did you go? *lets out a sly chuckle

Spartan : *picks up a heatwave
Johnson : “I wonder if this will replace my grill back home?”

Spartan : *blows up a banshee
Johnson : “That was courtesy of Isaac Newton, gravity, and some high-yield ordinance!”

Spartan : *boards a vehicle
Johnson : “Yoink! This is my ride now fool! HA HA !!”

Spartan : *picks up the skewer
Johnson : “I wonder if the Banished would like the kebabs of New Mombasa?”
Johnson : “What kind of nail gun did you just find soldier?”

Spartan : *picks up the needler
Johnson : “Scared of needles? Don’t worry, the enemy will be more scared than you.”

Just to name a few examples.


lol, yeah would be awesome. Don’t like the AI voices, too cartoony & annoying, that’s why I use super intendant.


Spartan : * starts a match of free-for-all slayer
Johnson : “It’s every man for themselves, and fortunately, you are more than just a mere man!”

Spartan : * starts a match of Oddball
Johnson : “Two sticks and a rock for the whole platoon. But we are NOT going to share the rock!”

Spartan : * starts a match of BTB Lifeseed
Johnson : “I need to charge my phone so I can text their mommas and tell them how much of a loser the enemy team is!”

Spartan : * picks up a Spartan Laser
Johnson : “I see you found the Chief’s fancy-schmancy laser pointer.”
Johnson : “Remember! This is THE tool to kill evil blue light bulbs!”

Spartan : * picks up a sniper rifle
Johnson : “You best not let me down soldier, I expect to see heads poppin’!”

Spartan : * picks up a gravity hammer
Johnson : “Speak softly and carry a mighty big stick.”

Spartan : * boards a mongoose or a gungoose
Johnson : “Meep-meep mo-fos! I’m going to pop a wheelie!”

Spartan : * gets a multi-kill medal
Johnson : “If only The Chief could see you now.”
Johnson : “That’s right you mothers! Run!”
Johnson : “Clip that so you can brag to your buddies!”

Spartan : * earns a splatter medal
Johnson : “Don’t mind the road rage, we’re late for a date with victory!”

Spartan : * earns a snapshot medal
Johnson : “Who needs a scope when you have ME !!?”
Johnson : “Bip-Bap-BAM! Beautiful!”

Spartan : * plants a sticky grenade on the enemy
Johnson : “They’re gonna have a closed casket funeral.”

Spartan : * captures the flag
Johnson : “I’ve never seen someone fold a flag so beautifully.”

Spartan : * gets a full team elimination
Johnson : “Pull out the twenty-one gun salute and pay your respects for the fallen!”

Spartan : * begins a match of BTB Slayer
Johnson : “Go-go-go! You’re being paid by the kill not by the hour!”


Johnson A.I.'s preview audio lines would probably have to be :

“I died and got more than a memorial. I have a whole academy named after me!”

“I don’t care if you’re a Spartan, you are now one of my Marines! HOORAH!”

“You know the worst part about being an A.I.? They didn’t give me a cigar subroutine!”

“What is the one thing that will get you through a 5-to-one odds firefight? ME !!!”

“I would have been your daddy, but your momma isn’t a hottie supercomputer now is she?!”

“You had your chance to be afraid before you plugged me into your head! But to guide you back to the true path, I am your motivational device.”


I would honestly be on board with a Sgt Johnson AI. The game just doesn’t feel the same without him.

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I love your ideas , please add me on Xbox. I’ve liked most of your ideas so far.


Buddy, let sleeping dogs lie, lol.

Sgt Johnson is a staple of Halo

343: great! how about 1200 in store ^3^

And let that dog beat me over the fence again? Feet-First-Into-Hell-NO

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He is, but he’s long dead and should stay that way. I don’t want him to fight forever, even as an AI. Even as a copy.

I mean he didn’t end up a dad so you could have tried getting over that fence this whole time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tell that to Halo Wars 2.
Johnson is one of the best UNSC Commanders in both charisma and by using Drop Bunkers to lift the Fog-Of-War while marching his mechs onto the enemy.

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yeah you wont win here buddy


Grunt AI for me


Auntie Dot AI would be awesome

Or Roland perhaps


Absolutely yes. Maybe an Arbiter one too? I mean, if we can get a Brute-based AI, surely we can get and Elite-based one.

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Oh trust me, I have some gripes, but they explicitly stated Johnson was very much still canonically dead.

But I don’t know, Rambo. A canon AI meant to resemble Johnson just feels… Wrong. Like, how would Chief feel about seeing that? A ghost of an old friend, so to speak? I don’t think he’d handle it very well.

After all, SAMUEL-034-RED-FLAG is the kill code for The Weapon.

John clearly has moments of perceived failure of the self that he never forgets.

It’s hardly about winning.

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He seems to handle his closest blue lady friend that is stuck in his head a lot of the time who is a brain-copy of Dr. Halsey very well. You know, the lady who kidnapped him and his fellow Spartans at a young age, put them through rigorous training, painful and VERY risky augmentation processes, all to crush some human rebels.

Besides, it isn’t John using the A.I., it is Multiplayer Spartan/Samurai/Dieselpunk guy/gal.

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Rambo did you play the Campaign.

Im talking about the series overall.