You know what grinds my gear. (Halo Wars 1)

It grinds my gears when I just want to have a good classic game of Halo wars nowadays but then you have the people who just straight up rush you with warthog or thier covenant leader. I’m so glad that they somehow managed to prevent the rush in the halo wars beta.

Sounds like you’re a new overall RTS player. Harassment is pretty much the norm in that genre. Do remember now HW2 is still in beta and if Microsoft wants it to have a competitive scene of any sort, then they shouldn’t gut out the overall elements of RTS.

Rush is a very typical strategy. What I recommend is get some weak unit (single warthog should do) and send it out to the enemy base to scout - if you see the enemy building a lot of infantry and vehicles - they are preparing for a rush and you should counter it with very good defense.

you know what grinds my gear in the game, that damn “everything is better whit bacon” achievement.

For me its not rushing that i hate its all the glitcher out there whit their arby and their cani glitch. And the broken sentinel rush on labyrinth 2vs2 map its just… Too much.